August 16, 2017



How can I be certain of quality and reliability?

At Wattabyte quality is our main priority. Other than the developers doing their strong bit of use case testing we have a dedicated team of testers who dig deep into every functionality of the application and test it thoroughly. We also make sure that the App/product is tested from UI/UX perspective.

Do you provide post-development maintenance?

We do post development support for 30-60 Days depending on scope of project which includes bug tracking and fixing.

What if I hired someone and down the road he is not performing to my standard, then what?

We will check in with you at standard interims to guarantee that you are content with the execution of your remote staff. Whenever, if you feel the quality of work is diminishing we do thorough investigation to understand the cause. Be that as it may, if those efforts don't deliver the sought results and execution is as yet deficient, we will replace them. No questions asked.

What types of roles is your organization able to fill?

We provide a diverse set of roles for to suit the SDLC process such as Software Architect, Project Manager, Sr Developer, Mid level Developer, UI/UX designers, QA specialists etc.

What kind of administration will my Remote Staff have?

A Project Manager is allocated who will act as a contact between you and your remote staff. The Project Manager will oversee day to day tasks given to the team and will update you on a regular basis as per project requirement.

What time zone is Wattabyte located in?

We are located in +5.30 GMT time zone. The correct time of contact is absolutely whatever suits you best, yet it is best to make a period at which you can meet day by day. A planned daily/weekly meeting makes the improvement procedure go significantly more smoothly.

How will I be charged?

You will be billed monthly.

What if my question is not answered on this page?

E-mail is a quick way to send questions, information, and comments. You can send your questions and comments to the following E-Mail -